Hello Reader(s)

Don't be mistaken by this blog...
I'm not really a blogger! I am just a blog lover that after spending hours jumping from blog to blog, decided that it's time to share as well!! There's so many information and beautiful things I see and collect that I am keeping to myself, that I might as well share with others like they do with me.

I introduce to you the view from the studio and the bandstand that gives the name to it! I do graphics illustration and textile design but here you'll find just some of mine inspirations...  news, findings, artist I love, wishes.. maybe someday  my own work,  but MOSTLY you'll find my before and after house stories ;) 
I am renovating an old house with my boyfriend P. and I spend a lot of time dreaming about interiors and searching for ideas and materials !!
Hope you enjoy my findings and feel free to give your opinion anytime...

Please enjoy! :))

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